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Health-Med Communications is a boutique health and medical communications firm that specializes in health and medical writing, Continuing Medical Education (CME) writing, health and medical copywriting patient and consumer health and medical writing, health and medical researching and editorial assistance (ghost writing) for healthcare and medical professionals  with little time to spend in the actual mechanics of writing.

Most of our work is done on a contract basis for medical communications agencies, CME agencies, pharmaceutical companies, nutraceutical companies, health and medical public relations and advertising agencies, publishing companies and individual healthcare professionals.




Medical writing is at the core of the services we offer. Whether you need full support or just a little extra help, we can assist with any number of medical writing projects, catering to different types of audience- from the commercial and business side to physicians and other health care professionals to patient information needs.

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Communicating new advances in medicine to the consumer public is critical in today’s fast-paced society. Be it articles, newsletters, booklets, books, brochures, public relations or advertising copywriting, explaining disease processes or new treatments in any number of different therapeutic areas, communicating health and medicine is of critical importance.

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With the rapid advances in research, novel and new drug approvals, protocol and guidelines changes, best practices staying on top of this information overload can be challenging. Internal training and CE/ CME credit learning programs are ideal ways to manage these on-going knowledge requirements. Health-Med Communications is very experienced in grant proposal writing, therapeutic area research, clinical studies review and writing of scientific and medial content for CE/CME and other learning activities.

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The Art & Science of copywriting. It’s all about positioning and differentiating. How is your private practice different? What makes it stand out? Every business has a story. How do you tell your story? Or perhaps you market a health or medical product. An information product? Something to make people healthy or increase their well-being. Copywriting is the way to position your practice or product to gain new patients or customers.

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Do you have a book in you just but don’t where to start?Or perhaps you don’t have the time to put into getting it done.

Or maybe you need an article for a magazine, professional journal, a newsletter or just your local paper. Don’t try slogging through just to get it done.

With a number of different plans, including completely ghost-written or “as told to” options, let a professional writer with a medical background produce a completed work for you!


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Researching health and medicine is not merely typing a search term into Google! In addition to advanced search techniques to tease out the most current and relevant information sites, there is also the need to assemble that information into a coherent and cogent report that is both comprehensive and on-point.

There’s a hidden architecture to researching a topic. Let us show you how it’s done!

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